The 2011 Beaumont Trophy match
against Bury St Edmunds - Won by 1 hole

It may have been the 1st of April but no-one was in a joking mood. The opposition had arrived in their brand new club shirts and sweaters showing their club logo and "Bury St Edmunds Beaumont Team 2011). Very smart indeed. What were we going to experience?

Greetings had been said and coffee drunk - the time had come to go to battle.

The first pairing (Tony and Paul) teed off and were suddenly hit with reality when they lost the 1st hole to a birdie and failed to secure a half on the 2nd. Was this to be their fate for the rest of the round? No, they halved the 3rd and won back a hole on the 4th which was only to be lost again on the 5th but regained on the 6th and remained 1 down to the turn. A win on the 10th meant all square and a win on the 11th took them into the lead which was consolidated on the 12th by Paul's magnificent 40ft plus birdie putt. Bury pulled back a hole on the 13th and remained 1 down until the 16th which they won to make it all square. Paul yet again came in on the 17th with a win and Bury were held to a half on the 18th giving Ufford a one hole lead.

Pair 2 (Colin and Howard) came in with 4 hole lead and pair 3 (Dave and Barry) with a 2 hole lead giving Ufford Park a 7 hole advantage. But Oh No!!! the 4th pair (Derek and Mick) had struggled and left the 16th green 5 down and proceeded to lose the 17th. A tight battle continued down the 18th up until the last putt where Mick had to sink a 2 foot putt to halve the hole to give Ufford the victory. The tension was high. The crowd around the green could barely watch. Heavens knows what Mick must have been thinking or experiencing. The silence was stunning. Back went Mick's putter and then forwards through the ball which went straight into the hole.

The crowd burst into applause for MICK THE HERO!!! Well done to Mick and the rest of the team.

A big thanks to those who came along to support the match as well - their support was very much appreciated.