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The 2011 Singles Knock-out

The 2011 Singles Plate Knock-out

Round 1
Round 2
  E. Dean (bye) Derek Wright Derek Wright Colin Aldous Colin Aldous

Dan Lever

Derek Wright
Derek Wright
Bob Rowles Ray Bumstead Ray Bumstead
Ray Bumstead
Barry Collier Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke
Howard Easton Howard Easton Howard Easton Colin Aldous
Dave Ellis
Kit Coppard Graham Forward
Graham Forward
Chris Griggs
Chris Griggs Colin Aldous
Derek Marriot
Rob McDermott Colin Aldous
Colin Aldous
Bob Dunn
Dave Norris Laurie Moody Laurie Moody Laurie Moody
Dave Norris
Laurie Moody Laurie Moody
Mike Foster
Tony Boffey
Barry Heaney Barry Heaney
Barry Heaney
Rex Goldsmith
Rex Goldsmith
Ian Wheeldon
Richard Gillman Richard Gillman Richard Gillman  
David Scales
Ray Kay Barry Straugheir
Barry Straugheir
Paul Samain Paul Samain Paul Samain
Ken Agass
Don Edwards Mick Morley
Mick Morley