The Tuesday Club - For Ufford Park Seniors
2018 Prizegiving Pictures:-


3 Clubs & Putter - Howard Easton


New Year Trophy - Steve Bonner

Angora Cup - Ian Bidmead


Albion Cup - Paul Samain


Peter Biles Trophy - David Ellis

Moyle Cup - Keith Norton

James Yeates Trophy - Keith Norton

White Tee Trophy - John Pope


Bogey Cup - Norman Harper

Winter Greensonmes -
Tim Moon and Garry Jackson

Singles Plate - Barry Straphier

Greensomes Plate - Ray Kay and Derek Wright

Medal Trophy - John Pope

Singles Knockout - Steve Shand


Lady Morrell Trophy - Dan Lever

Memorial Cup - Matt Connolly

BBC Trophy- Keith Norton


Stableford Cup - Mathew Connolly