The Tuesday Club - For Ufford Park Seniors

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3 Clubs & Putter
Bogey cup
Greensomes Plate
James Yeates
Junior Challenge
Ladies Challenge
Lady Morrell
March Hare
Memorial Cup
New Year
Singles Knockout
Singles Plate
Stableford Cup
TC Medal Trophy
Peter Biles Memorial
White Tee
Winter Greensomes
Suffex Cup


4 ball better ball format match play. Played in pairs between the TC and the Gentlemen of Ufford Park Golf Club
Tee:- White/ Yellow as decided by Captains
Handicap Allowance:- 3/4 of difference with lowest handicap player
Qualifying Comp:- No
Order of Play Decided by Captains
Entrance fee:- Entrance fee to be decided by the Golf Club Committee & The Tuesday Club
Prizes:- Trophy only
Eligibility:- Male Ufford Park, 5, 7 day or Associate Club members who hold a current CONGU handicap. (5 Day and Associate member’s guest fees are waived).
Played on:- As agreed by the Captains
Donated by:- The Senior Section of Toot Hill Golf Club - In 1995 Toot Hill donated the trophy after the last inter-club comp
Past Winners:-

  2015 - Not Played
  2014 - Not Played
  2013 - Not Played
  2012 - Not Played
  2011 - Tuesday Club
  2010 -
  2009 - Tuesday Club
  2008 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  2007 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  2006 - Halved
  2005 - Not Played
  2004 - Not Played
  2003 - Tuesday Club
  2002 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  2001 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  2000 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  1999 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  1998 - Tuesday Club
  1997 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  1996 - Tuesday Club
  1995 - Ufford Park Golf Club
  1994 - Tuesday Club
  1993 - Tuesday Club